The UPMC Stroke Institute has premier tele-stroke capabilities that truly set our institution apart. We work alongside tele-stroke providers across the nation. Within this group of 35 hospitals we have, 2 comprehensive stroke centers, 1 acute stroke ready hospital, and many primary stroke centers in two different states. Our goal is to continue to leverage this large network supporting a population of over 4 million residents to ensure that as a collective group we are sharing best practices and offering all of our patients the best opportunity for a good outcome. Learn more in our Newsletters, or attend a conference!




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May 15 Brian Jankowitz MD ICH Update
June 19 Shashvat Desai MD Case Reviews
August 21 Guru Thangavelu MD Unruptured aneurysm management
September 18 Bethanne McCabe CRNP Secondary Stroke Prevention: Holistic Approaches
November 20 Malgorzata Miller MD Hormones and risk of stroke…
January 15 Fateme Sobhani MD TBD