Continuity Clinic

Each resident holds a weekly half-day general neurology clinic and is supervised by a single attending each year. Emphasis is on the proper outpatient practice of neurology, professionalism, and systems-based neurological practice. The residents are expected to be accountable to their patients, and review and report test results and return phone calls promptly. The goal of this training is that upon completion of the program, the resident is not only skilled in neurological diagnosis, investigation, and management, but has also acquired skill in the management of chronic disease, and has learned the techniques of neurological practice sufficiently well to ensure a successful transition to practice at the completion of residency.

Most of the residents’ have their continuity clinic at the University Of Pittsburgh Department Of Neurology Kauffman Clinic. This is home to general neurology clinics and sub-specialty clinics including neuromuscular diseases, movement disorders, cognitive disorders, sleep, stroke, and multiple sclerosis.

Clinic Preceptors

Each year, residents are assigned a single clinic mentor who directly oversees the resident for that year. This unique relationship of having a single mentor allows the resident to work closely with their mentor and provides stability to the resident and the clinic patients.