Neurology Boot Camp

Advancing from the preliminary intern year in Internal Medicine to the first year as a Neurology resident can seem daunting. To ease this transition, PGY2 Neurology residents start their year off in the classroom as part of the "Neurology Bootcamp", hosted by one of the Chief Residents. Bootcamp is a month-long, full-time intensive learning experience that features lectures outlining the core knowledge foundation upon which the remainder of experience will build. This introductory course makes use of extensive case studies, case simulations, a series of interactive neuroradiology-neuroanatomy correlation sessions, and hands-on procedural workshops to help close the knowledge gap between intern and PGY2 years and prepare residents for their first rotations in Neurology. The program emphasizes localization and clinical neuroanatomy through use of the clinical examination, the Neurologist's most useful and practical tool, while also providing introductions to interpreting neuro-diagnostic studies, including electroencephalogram (EEG), electromyogram (EMG), and neuroradiology. Year after year, Neurology residents reflect fondly on their time spent in Bootcamp as a memorable rite of passage in training.