Obstetrical Neurology Conference

Obstetrical Neurology Conference

On October 22, 2021, the Department of Neurology sponsored an Obstetrical Neurology Conference at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital designed to educate physicians and residents in the field of neurology as well as residents, nurse practitioners, midwives, and physicians in the field of obstetrics on issues where the fields of neurology and obstetrics intersect. The one-day course featured speakers from multiple disciplines including neurology, obstetrics, anesthesia, neuroradiology, and neuro-oncology. Subjects covered included preeclampsia/eclampsia, headache management, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, neuro-oncology, stroke, transgender considerations, and neurologic complications of obstetrical anesthesia.

The conference's lectures are available for viewing on YouTube. 

Headache in Pregnancy
Robert Kaniecki, MD

Epilepsy in Pregnancy
Page Pennell, MD

Neuroimaging in Pregnancy
Ari Spiro, MD

COVID-19 in Pregnancy
Kathryn Gray, MD, PhD

Brain Tumors in Pregnancy
Megan Mantica, MD

Pregnancy and Multiple Sclerosis
Cigdem Isitan Alkawadri, MD

Stroke and Pregnancy
Cheryl Bushnell, MD

Neuromuscular Disorders in Pregnancy
Chris Doughty, MD

Special Considerations in Trans Health: Cross-Sex Hormones & Neurology
Na Tosha Gatson, MD, PhD

Preeclampsia and Eclampsia: Diagnosis and Counseling
Nicole Smith, MD, MPH

Neurologic Complications of Obstetrical Anesthesia
Jonathan Waters, MD

Interesting OB Anesthesia Cases
Andrew Miller, MD