Women's Neurology

The division of Women’s Neurology is a unique interdisciplinary program that bridges links the broader specialty of neurology with subspecialties such as obstetrics, gynecology and women’s medicine; the focus is centered on gender differences in medical evaluation, diagnosis and implementation of treatment and care. Physicians consider how hormonal and reproductive changes – such as pregnancy, menopause, the use of contraceptives and assisted reproduction – affect neurological health and disease.

Patients, residents and fellows are educated on topics specific to women experiencing neurological illnesses. The division has recruited research clinicians who investigate gender-specific issues that impact neurological disease. There is also a unique aspect of collaboration with physicians at UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital and the neuro-obstetrical concentration; division clinicians and Magee clinicians team up to collaborate on clinical and research aspects that are gender-specific to neurological disease.

Magee Women’s Hospital is one of the largest obstetrical hospitals in the country and is home to the Magee Obstetric Maternal and Infant (MOMI) Database and Biobank – this database has information on more than 100,000 deliveries since 1995. With such extensive resources right at our fingertips, researchers and clinicians with a focus in Women’s Neurology can answer gender-specific neurological questions with ease.

Women's Neurology Division Chief

Janet F.R. Waters, MD, MBA
(412) 802-6634