Research Activities

The Department of Neurology has a sustained commitment to excellence in the three major components of academic medicine: teaching, clinical care, and research that advances medical knowledge and therapy. Research funding for clinical, basic, and translational studies in the department has increased steadily over the past few years and in FY 2017 the department received $14,534,661 in Extramural Research Grant Support and $1,094,550 in Industry Clinical Trial Support.

Basic Research

The Department of Neurology has a strong basic science research program that aims to understand the molecular mechanisms of neurological diseases and develop new treatment strategies for these disorders. The department’s basic research program includes the Pittsburgh Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders, the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and the Geriatric Research Education and Clinical Center. Other areas of focus include neuromuscular disorders, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy. Learn more »

Clinical Research

Clinical research in the Department of Neurology continues to expand and significant numbers of patients with neurologic diseases are enrolled in ongoing clinical trials. This is an invaluable resource for the continued development of research in the department and attracts patients to our medical center. The clinical research program includes two major research centers: The UPMC Stroke Institute and the NIA-funded Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC). Other areas of clinical research concentration include epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, headache, and neuromuscular disorders. Learn more »

Neurology Resident Research Track

Residents have the opportunity to enroll in a dedicated Research Track in a scholarly area of their interest during their residency training years. Learn more »